We’ve Got It Wrong

Attention by Marcos Tulio--Public Domain Pictures

It’s about the condition of man’s heart–always has been, always will be. We want a quick external fix, but what ails us won’t be fixed that easily. We need the power of the Living God to resonate in our hearts. When we encounter His presence, our lives change–dramatically. And that’s as it should be. . .

From a Far Country

What we want is laws passed.  What we want is people elected who see things our way, who do things our way, who make everybody else do things our way.  What we want is behaviors to change.  We don’t necessarily want hearts changed.  If hearts are changed then that would be okay with us but it’s not the main thing.  We want behaviors changed.  We want to make them change their behavior.

We’ve got it wrong.

It seems to me that our priority should be the spiritual condition of those who oppose us.  It’s not behavior that’s the issue.  It’s heart condition that matters.

I’ve been in Church services where the presence  and power us God was so real it forced me to my knees.  This morning I sat on my porch praying and I knew His presence so real that I was compelled to change, to stop doing one…

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