Sons Of Pride

Green Leaves by George Hodan--Public Domain Pictures

The philosophy called humanism has long been a suitor to man’s pride. It boasts in his natural strength and wisdom, and woos him with promises of grand accomplishments now, and heaven later. God Himself has scattered such Babel-builders and proclaimed His pre-eminence for eternity. Confounded for ever be such sons of pride, who trust in the power of nature as though man with his own brick and mortar of natural abilities were able to make a way to heaven! You who are yet in your natural state, would you become wise to salvation? Then first become fools in your own eyes. Renounce this carnal wisdom which cannot perceive spiritual things, and beg wisdom of God, who gives without rebuke (James 1:5).

Here is a word for Christians. Knowing your strength lies wholly in God and not in yourself, remain humble–even when God is blessing and using you most. Remember, when you have your best suit on, who made it and who paid for it! God’s favor is neither the work of your own hands nor the price of your own worth. How can you boast of what you did not buy? If you embezzle God’s strength and credit it to your own account, He will soon call an audit and take back what was His all along. Even when He seems the most generous with your spiritual allowance, He still keeps the account in His own name and can at once reduce you to spiritual poverty if you misappropriate His grace.

Walk humbly, therefore, before God and manage well the strength you have, remembering that it is borrowed strength. What kind of man will waste what he begs? Or who will give to a pauper who squanders what he has already been given? How can you look God in the face and ask for more if you mis-spend what you have already so graciously received?

William Gurnall
“The Saint’s Call to Arms,” pg. 41-42
The Christian In Complete Armour, Vol. 1
The Banner Of Truth Trust
©World Challenge, Inc. 1986