The Caged Lion

Charles Spurgeon was once asked, “How do you defend the Bible?”

“Very easy,” he responded. “The same way I defend a lion. I simply let it out of its cage.” 

I have been increasingly aware lately how much we limit God in our lives. With our doctrine and our traditions, we seek to quantify Someone who is unquantifiable. We tell ourselves that the “age of miracles” is past because we do not have the faith to believe that the God Who never changes is well able and willing to do miracles today.  We take the parts of Scripture that are comfortable and tend to ignore those parts which are not. We limit God with our lack of faith, our lack of obedience to His Word, and the continuation of those behaviors He has told us need to be changed. God has no power in our lives because we have caged Him. No wonder people are leaving traditional denominational churches in droves here in America. We teach that God wants us broke, sick, and miserable to teach us a lesson. That is not the good news of the Gospel. The good news of the Gospel is that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross restored to us what we forfeited through sin in the Garden of Eden. We have been restored to fellowship with the Father and have become joint-heirs with Jesus Christ because of His sacrifice on the cross. God wants our lives to become a living testimony to His Grace, Goodness, Mercy, Forgiveness, Love, and Power.

I will be the first to admit that I do not understand exactly how God works. There are many situations in my life which God allows to continue; those I wish He would just take “off my plate.” One thing I know for sure, as I grow in faith, as I learn to trust in His love and goodness towards me, I am finding peace for those problems that are, as yet, unresolved. As I learn to trust Him, I release Him from the cage that I have put Him in and He visibly works in my life.

Religion seeks to box up God into neat little packages. We find this so much easier to deal with than a God whose power is beyond our comprehension; a God who is frightening. We want a God who is controllable; a God who is “cozy.” We speak of God’s love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness but gloss over His holiness, righteousness, and power. We know in the deepest recesses of our heart that to acknowledge this part of God means something will be required of us, and this could get very uncomfortable.  As a result, we cage the Lion in our lives. So, I find myself asking this question:

Isn’t it about time we let the Lion out of His cage?

Copyright © 2011 by Susan E. Johnson

All rights reserved