Sleep Sound In Jesus

I was recently reminded of an album that used to be very important in our household. One of the most precious gifts I received before Hannah was born was an album titled, “Sleep Sound in Jesus,” by Michael Card. This CD has fifteen beautiful lullabies to play when you have a fussy baby who is not interested in going to sleep.

My husband has joked many times over the years that this album of lullabies worked without fail. He never made it past the third song before he was fast asleep.  As for Hannah, I played this album each time I rocked her to sleep or fed her. I agree with my husband, it worked every time–for her and for us.

This post is dedicated to all mothers everywhere, who like me, sung these songs to their babies in the wee hours of the morning. The seeds of Truth that we planted in their spirits continues to bear eternal fruit today.

Even The Darkness Is Light To Him

Even the darkness is light to Him,
And night is as bright as the day.
So you are safe though the light grows dim,
For even the darkness is light to Him.

The Father above does not slumber or sleep,
He wakefully watches our ways.
Then there’s no reason for you to weep,
For the Father above neither slumbers nor sleeps.

So dry your eyes of angel blue
And trust the One who died for you.
Would not Jesus safely keep
The little ones He loves asleep?

Song Of Jesus

Let me tell you of a man
Who was before the world began
Who loves you more than anyone can
Known by the name of Jesus.

He was born a babe like you
And every word He spoke is true,
I pray you’ll come to know Him too
And live your life for Jesus.

If He could cause the storm to clear
He’ll calm the tempest of your tears
If He could cause the dead to rise
At dawn He’ll open up your eyes.

So rest your weary head tonight
And dream of Him who is the Life,
And wake up to His world of light
And sing the name of Jesus.

Sleep Sound In Jesus

Sleep sound in Jesus
My baby, my dear.
Angels are watching
They keep you so near.
Know for His sake
You’ll be safe for the night,
Sleep sound in Jesus
I’ll turn off the light.

Sleep sound in Jesus
Sweetheart of my heart.
The dark of the night
Will not keep us apart.
When I lay you down
In your bed for the night,
He holds you gently
Till morning is light.

Sleep sound in Jesus
The angels are here.
They’re keeping watch
So there’s nothing to fear.
Against any foe
They are ready to fight,
So sleep sound in Jesus
I’ll turn off the light.

Wordless Ones

In Your loving arms we lay
This wordless one so new,
The incarnation of our love
We dedicate to You.

Hopeless, yet so full of love
We make our solemn vow.
Not knowing when the time will come
Not even knowing how,
And though it seems we try to make
A promise that is true,
We really only claim for them
The Promise that is You.

The holy sleep which falls so deep
A blessing from above,
Will now embrace our little one
In simple trusting love.
We offer You this child
Who’s only ours for just awhile.
How could we keep it back from You
When you gave Your only Child?

Songs and lyrics by Michael Card

My special thanks to Spencer Lynn Photography, Colorado Springs, CO for this beautiful picture of Parker as he “sleeps sound in Jesus.”  Used with permission. You can reach Spencer at: or find her on Facebook at:!/spencerlynnphoto

Oh, and by the way, this is Parker when he is not asleep:

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