Bits Of Billy Sunday

Below are a few pithy quotes from Billy Sunday.  I have often stated that, “Sitting in church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than sitting in a garage makes you a car.”  I had no idea that this had its origins in a quote by Billy Sunday. Billy Sunday, by what little I have read, had an interesting life.  I would guess that his greatest disappointment was in the fact that his children did not live and walk in the faith that he held so tightly to. The heartbreak must have been profound for a man who did not mince words about the results of sin.

I hope that you will find much wisdom in these quotes below. They reminded me that, no matter what generation we are born into, the effect of sin on our lives is the same. We can dress it up, call it by another name, but sin is still sin, with the same predictable results.

“If you don’t do your part, don’t blame God.”

“More men fail through lack of purpose than lack of talent.”

“The backslider likes the preaching that wouldn’t hit the side of a house, while the real disciple is delighted when the truth brings him to his knees.”

“There are some so-called Christian homes today with books on the shelves of the library that have no more business there than a rattler crawling about on the floor, or a poison within the child’s reach.”

“Personal liberty is not personal license.”

“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile.”

“Live so that when the final summons comes you will leave something more behind you than an epitaph on a tombstone or an obituary in a newspaper.”

“Not to walk in the straight and narrow way yourself, is to give the devil the biggest kind of a chance to get our children.”

“We have a God who delights in impossibilities.”

“Hell is the highest reward that the devil can offer you for being a servant of his.”

“God likes a little humor, as is evidence by the fact that he made the monkeys, the parrot — and some of you people.”

“There are two hundred and fifty-six names given in the Bible for the Lord Jesus Christ, and I suppose this was because He was infinitely beyond all that any one name could express.”

“I believe that a long step toward public morality will have been taken when sins are called by their right names.”

“There is more power in a mother’s hand than in a king’s scepter.”

“If you want to drive the devil out of the world, hit him with a cradle instead of a crutch.”

“Temptation is the devil looking through the keyhole. Yielding is opening the door and inviting him in.”

“The inconsistency is not in the Bible, but in your life.”

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